Get to know Regina Farms

2aWay back in 1914, Ed Regina’s grandfather bought a 100+ acre tract of land just north of Marshalls Creek, Pa., in the Pocono Mountains resort area. There was a boarding house on the site and he named it the Regina House.  A few years later, Ed’s grandfather sold some of the land to the East Stroudsburg School District for what is now the site of the Middle Smithfield Elementary School.

When Ed’s father inherited the property, he renamed the Regina House to the Regina Hotel, which prospered until it was destroyed by a nearby truck explosion in 1966. Now all that remains of The Regina House or Hotel is a weathered old wooden sign that hangs in the garden center’s main building, piquing the curiosity of shoppers.  Ed’s father eventual sold a parcel of the property that became Saint John’s Catholic Church.

The property then passed to Ed and his wife Ann, both teachers who at the time worked and made their home in Maryland. So, what to do with this scenic, sprawling, centrally-located, wide-open space in the next state? Start a Christmas tree farm, of course. Ed and Ann began planting the trees in 1980 and selling them in 1988, coming up on weekends to stand in the cold and help local families find their perfect tree to cut.

When Ed retired in 1995, he threw his efforts into building the stunning timber-frame “barn” that has become a familiar roadside landmark to Pocono visitors. With its wooden beams milled from trees that once stood on the property, striking metal roof, and 100% peg-built construction, the building has attracted almost as many admirers as the garden plants that surround it — although Ed admits, he mainly built it “because we were tired of freezing outside.”

Over the years, the Christmas tree farm has evolved into a full-service, three-season garden center and a well-known fixture in the Pocono community. Sadly, Ann Regina passed away in 2009, and is greatly missed by the Regina Farms family and friends. But more than 20 years after he “retired,” you’ll still find Ed Regina out and about every day, scooping up buckets of mulch in the loader, digging around with the Bobcat, driving the Regina Farms delivery trucks, and lending expertise and advice to thousands of faithful Regina Farms customers.

Our Team


Ed Regina



Debbie Strangio

Office Manager

Served in the Navy for 5 years. After, receive a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking and application. Worked in the Hotel industry for over 10 years. Went on to work in offices ranging from import/export to real estate. Now I work for Regina Farms as their office manager.


Cathy Elias


As a child I developed a passion for being outdoors and playing in the dirt. I worked for Terra Green Golf Course for 26 years as Shop Manager. Also working on the grounds when needed. From there I went on to work at other garden centers gaining experience in landscaping. Now working at Regina Farms as a landscaper.
I am also a beekeeper with an apiary with 15 hives located on the farm. The honey is all organic and is some of the best tasting in the Poconos and sold at the farm.


Robert Deprisco


As a kid I worked in the family garden, where a developed a real love for plants. I received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Polytechnic University. Over the years I have owner two gardening business, one in New York City and the other in New Hope, PA. Now working for Regina Farms as a landscaper.


Larry Shaw